Freight Forwarding Consultancy

  • To organize the process of delivering the products of individuals or organizations wishing to make transportation to the buyer (door-to-door)
  • Providing the fastest, reliable and cost-effective services to the customer
  • Considering the agreement between the sender and the recipient, ensuring that invoices are issued to those concerned
  • Appropriate vehicle planning according to the characteristics of the cargo to be sent (Hanging garments, Curtainsider, Frigo, Normal, etc.)
  • Providing the necessary documents for the determination of the transportation route, the legal obligations of the countries in the transit route if it is to be sent by road and following the product until it reaches the buyer

Warehousing Services Consultancy

  • Designing flexible storage and distribution solutions for the products that individuals or organizations want to store, determining the optimum solution and implementing the plan.
  • In-warehouse layout studies, determination of warehouse equipment requirement (forklift, reach truck, pallet truck, shelf, pallet, ramp, etc.)
  • To ensure efficient and effective stocking of products with product acceptance processes and barcode system.
  • Ensuring that inventory controls and inventory counting organizations are outsourced
  • Planning of packing (making parcels, palletizing, etc.), settlement forms inside the parcel, settlement patterns on the pallet

Fleet Management & Vehicle Planning Consultancy

  • Determining the number of vehicles by analysing the business volume (FleetSize)
  • Improving fleet performance and minimizing costs
  • Determination of fleet (vehicle) tracking methods and choosing the appropriate system
  • Determination of the appropriate vehicle according to the load characteristics and preparation of in-vehicle layout plans considering the occupancy.

Logistics Operation’s Overhaul Services and Efficiency Consutancy

  • To control the logistics operations of the companies, to identify deficiencies and blocks and to provide effective solutions, to prevent business problems and to ensure operational efficiency.
  • Efficiency studies will be carried out on storage efficiency, distribution efficiency,

equipment adequacy (work machine, shelf, number of employees), technological system adequacy. In case of need, efforts will be made to select suitable systems and software for the customer. (ERP Solutions, Warehouse Management System, Vehicle Tracking System, Document Management System etc.)

  • Determination of performance criteria for each unit (KPI)

Customs Clearance Services Consultancy

  • Customs clearance operations by using outsourcing in import & export activities
  • International import and export documentation preparation

Third Party Logistics Services & Supply Chain Management Consultancy

  • Providing the use of Third-Party Logistics Services, making supplier agreements and contracts, determining tender forms and guarantees in line with the needs.

Route Optimization Consultancy

  • Creating the optimum route in accordance with distribution or collection addresses


Advertising Consultancy

  • Determining the communication techniques to be used by the companies
  • Producing creative designs in line with the demands of the company and ensuring the implementation of these designs.

Marketing Consultancy

  • Conducting market research
  • Determining strategies in line with the demands of the companies.
  • Ensuring the implementation of the most effective strategy in order to increase sales and ensure customer acquisitions

Social Media Consultancy and Management

● Carrying out activities to increase brand awareness in different social media platforms to the target audiences of the companies, to ensure that the company expresses itself to its target audience.
● Enables companies to gain a corporate identity and increase sales of products or services.
● To set up social media accounts, to revise and to make necessary updates
● Preparation of announcements and promotions to support companies' campaigns
● Preparation of contents and content images
● Social media data analysis and reporting
● Moderation
● Crisis management

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